Tuesday, July 12, 2016

NexGard for Dogs Has Proven It Is Great

NexGard for dogs has been available for over one year now and has proven to be a great product! We are always cautious of recommending a new product until it has shown that it has worked and customers repurchase it. It has now been long enough to say that NexGard is a real winner in the flea & tick segment of the market. NexGard sales continue to rise, while other/older tick & flea medications have declined at a similar rate in the opposite direction. Also being a tablet has been very popular among dog owners, as you do not have to wait to bathe or wet your dog. If you want a top quality flea & tick tablet, this is one we highly recommend.


Nexgard chewables said...

What an Great Sutudy you present and its true, NexGard works super-fast and protect dogs against tick and fleas for up to 35 days.

Paul Wegman said...

Nexgard for Dogs is really effective, providing protection against fleas and ticks. As a dog owner, it's a game-changer, ensuring my dog stays healthy and itch-free. I highly recommend NexGard to all pet parents seeking top-tier flea and tick control.