Monday, October 28, 2013

Best Pet Halloween Costumes of 2013

We have gathered a collection of our favorite pet and animal Halloween costumes of 2013. Each year it becomes more common than the last to dress your pet for Halloween. It can be more fun to dress your pooch or feisty feline than yourself! Hey, maybe you could even wear matching costumes? Here are some of the best pet Halloween outfits we have seen!

Punk rockin Bulldog

Wicked cat with the not so wicked face

Taco dog

Anyone for hot dogs?

Wicked cat with a look to match

Fireman dog

"I am your father"

Sir Fur

Dog the builder, can we fix it?

And their off!

"Arrrrrrr mateys"

This dog must be from the Jersey Shore!

Worlds first Siamese triplet canine?

We hope every one and their pets have a great Halloween!