Saturday, March 10, 2012

Amount spent on pets in the USA is at an all time high

The numbers are in for amount of money spent on pets in the America for 2011 and they are higher than ever before. In 2011 pet owners spend a $50.96 billion on their pets, which is the most every spent on pets in a year for the United States. This makes sense as there are more people and pets then every before, but also people are taking better care of there pets, which means spending more money on them.

The area that got the biggest boost by 7.9% was for services which include kennels, pet hotels, pet sitting, day care, boarding and grooming. Pet food and vet costs have the biggest share taking 65% of the $50.96 billion spent.

To read more you can at Pet Ownership Responsibility Has Not Changed. In this article is also discusses the importance of making sure you are ready for a pet and outlines 10 questions by the Humane Society that you should ask yourself before making the decision to own a pet.

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