Thursday, January 19, 2012

Treating Your Pet For Fleas Over Winter

Having worked in a retail pet store for many years, I saw the same thing happen year after year without fail. It was that when summer came around, people would start pouring into the store person after person needing dog & cat flea treatments for their pets. This may come as no surprise as fleas are much worse over summer then they are over winter. But these people you haven't seen for 6 months you would start seeing them every week and they would tell about how the fleas are just everywhere and there dog is still constantly scratching, asking what they can do and trying to make sense of what is happening. The people who were constantly treating there dogs all year round didn't seem to be having the same problem. Why was this? people couldn't see any fleas on there dogs and cats for months and then all of a sudden all these fleas up out of no where by the millions.

Well the thing that some people don't realize is using flea treatments doesn't just stop fleas from getting on your dog, but it also spreads around the living area and kills flea eggs, which in turn never get a chance to un-hatch. So over winter there are tons of flea eggs that are waiting around for summer to come, then pow they all hatch and all of a sudden you have fleas everywhere. That is if they are left with nothing stopping them from being killed over winter. So the people who are treating there dogs and cats for fleas over the winter time are also killing all these flea eggs that are hiding in the carpets, between floor boards, in the grass, in the dirt, under the house etc etc.

It is a lot easier to keep a flea problem under control once you already have it under control then it is to stop a flea problem that is wildly out of control. Once you have a out of control flea problem you will have to start treating your animal fortnightly or even weekly rather than monthly. So people end up spending more and have it work less effectively then the people who are treating for fleas all year round. But your main concern should be the health and comfort of your dog.

It is so easy to forget about the problem over winter when it is out of sight but just remember when summer rolls around there are unhatched fleas waiting to spring to action, it is up to you if you want a lot of them or little when that time comes.


Anonymous said...

I will start doing this.

jenny said...

i think this may be what i need to do. i never usually bother fixing my dog and cat over winter.