Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nutro Choice Premium Dog & Cat Food Is Back In Australia

After being taken off the shelf's in 2007 Nutro Choice Premium Dog & Cat Food is back in Australia. This is very good news for a lot of people and there pets. Nutro Choice is huge in the US and was just taking off in Australia before it was taken away. Now Australia Nutro Choice have there own factory in Bathurst which means its here to stay.

Nutro Choice is popular with pet owners because it is organic and it is great for dogs with skin problems. We are personally very excited because it is what we like to feed the puppies in our store. If any puppies came in with running poos we would put them on Nutro Choice and it would fix them up quicker than any other food on the market.

Anyway for more information on Nutro Choice Premium Dog & Cat Food check out there website at

For other premium dog foods you can buy in Australia go to Dog Food Australia.

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