Sunday, April 5, 2009

As the Weather Gets Colder You Need a Aquarium Heater

An aquarium heater is a absolute must if you are keeping tropical fish. Sure for a few months of the year your fish can survive without one, but once the temperature starts to drop watch out fish. Basically once your water starts dropping below 24 degrees you need to get a heater in there. What will happen if i don't put a heater in? you ask, well your fish will more than likely get white spot and that will spread in the tank and give you and especially your fish a big head ache for a couple of weeks. And if you don't do anything once they get that then the fishes head ache wont last for long because they will be dead.

We dread it every year when the weather starts to get cooler because we know that we get the most problems with our fish tanks, mainly via white spot. Yes, even with a heater your fish can still get it, but it just makes it much more unlikely. So be alert and don't be slack, look after your fish so they can keep giving you the enjoyment you like getting from them.

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